Photo Calendar

The annually released xflo:w photo calendar is a big-size photo calendar measuring 50x35cm (~19.69×13.78 inches). It is printed on high quality matt paper, currently 250g/m2. 50x35cm is the largest possible format to get mass produced, hence inexpensive shipping bags. Due to its size postage is a bit higher though, as the same fee applies an internationally shipped parcel costs. The calendar is only available on advance order, hence if you are interested then please send me a personal message using the contact form.

In general the calendar is displaying the twelve most outstanding photographs of my past year of travelling. Beside technical aspects like variety of colour and luminance character, of course first and foremost the motifs are having impact on photo selection. Thematically the calendar is offering a fair balance between everyday life, religion, scenery, wildlife, architecture and of course my passion for volcanism and geology. It is a photo calendar, hence the image is the star and the actual calendar is small and displayed for information only.

By the way: Until the day of release the selected photos are consciously kept secret, as there is nothing better than a pleasant surprise, isn’t it? To keep and improve its high quality level, the calendar is produced in close collaboration with the Berlin based printing experts of Heenemann, a doyen among Berlin’s printing companies.

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