Salt with Pepper – The underground Chapel of Wieliczka

Salt with Pepper – The underground Chapel of WieliczkaThe South Polish town of Wieliczka hosts a very special UNESCO World Heritage: one of the oldest salt mines on our planet hosting the world’s largest underground chapel. Being located approximately 100 metres below the surface, the chamber got carved into the rock salt under the village whose name literally means “Great Salt”. With only some 20 kilometres distance from Krakow, Wieliczka is definitely worth a day trip »»

Built of eternal Love – The Taj Mahal

Built of eternal Love – The Taj MahalThe way to a human’s heart is through its stomach; maybe that is why every second Indian restaurant is named Taj Mahal nowadays. The actual name giver is located in North Indian Agra and was built by Great Mogul Shah Jahan in memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. His intensive and eternal love as well as the abilities of Persian architect Abu Fazel left the world a unique gem of Indo-Islamic architecture behind »»

Behind the Scenes of the Golden Temple in Amritsar

Behind the Scenes of the Golden Temple in AmritsarThe university town of Amritsar can truly be called to be the heart of Punjab. The city is located not too far from Pakistani border and is an important commercial hub as well as religious centre of the Sikhs, as it is the home of one of their highest sanctuaries, the Golden Temple. The temple complex has a wonderful open-minded, hospitable and spiritual atmosphere and allows interesting in-depth insights in the daily routine of pilgrims and the temple itself »»

Divine Vārānasi – Stinking to Heaven high

Divine Vārānasi – Stinking to Heaven highVārānasi, the metropolis at the Ganga River, is one of India’s oldest towns and central sanctuary of Hinduism. No other India picture is as famous as the Hindu pilgrims praying and washing themselves in the waters of Ganges River at the so called Ghats. There is no better reflection of the Hindu society than this river. For most of them Vārānasi is definitely the holiest spot on Earth, though for some of them this means some enormous exploitation potential they are taking advantage of with utter disregard. »»

Cloud Nine for Rodents – The Rat Temple ‘Karni Mata’ at Deshnok

Cloud Nine for Rodents – The Rat Temple ‘Karni Mata’ at DeshnokCows, elephants, rivers and even monkeys; in India literally everything you could bump into can be something sacred. One of the most interesting obeisances paid can be witnessed in Deshnok, a small desert town in western Rajasthan being the stage for a religious building dedicated to Karni Mata. Around this sacred patron of the Rajputs and reincarnation of Goddess Durga, the souls of the dead are gathering in the form of four-legged rodents at the Rat Temple »»

Hewn into the bare Rocks – The Churches of Lalibela

Hewn into the bare Rocks – The Churches of LalibelaMillions of years ago the Ethiopian highlands got unfolded by volcanic activity. There, at an altitude of 2500m, the village of Lalibela is located. It is home to unique churches that are originating from the idea to build a second Jerusalem and became hewn into the bare red hard basalt lava rock. On important religious holidays, like for example Easter, the town develops a very interesting atmosphere of spirituality and touristic internationality »»

From Starting in Ende to Ending in Jakarta – Travelling the Sunda Islands

From Starting in Ende to Ending in Jakarta – Travelling the Sunda IslandsThe town of Ende sounds like the final of a trip, but can also be quite a good start for travelling the Indonesian Sunda Islands eastwards, all the way to Jakarta. On the way to Indonesia’s capital you’ll surely experience plenty of possibilities to get in touch with the most diverse people plus look behind the scenes of illustrious names like Bali or Komodo. Indonesia, that also stands for volcanoes, earth quakes and tsunamis. At first glance that doesn’t sound all too well, but who knows, maybe the creative hand of volcanoes’ was active again when giving birth to unique things of culture like artful batik, huge religious temples or filigree old Indonesian shadow puppetry »»

The spiritual Dignity of Fes

The spiritual Dignity of FesThe old hub of the Kingdom of Fès accommodates the biggest historical medina of Northern Africa, while also being home of at least a million people and spiritual centre of the country »»

Faith moves Mountains

Faith moves MountainsFaith, believe and religion are most perceptible in Damascus. Western Europeans will surely immediately spot all the covered women, who are sometimes even completely shrouded in their burqas. In Damas you can meet the coexistence of about 30 different religions. Its adherents are peacefully living together. »»

Sultan Ahmet Mosque

Sultan Ahmet MosqueOriginating from Sultan Ahmet Mosque, Muezzin’s call to prayer spreads out over the city of Istanbul like a stream of fresh air. Majestically soaring towards the sky and sharpened like pencils the six minarets are framing the massive domes of Sultan Ahmet Mosque, which is also called Blue Mosque »»