Bypassing East Berlin with the U9

April 22nd, 2014

Bypassing East Berlin with the U9Running completely subterranean and on former West Berlin territory only the U9 line is 18 stops and 12.5km long. The line having orange as colour code connects Berlin’s Wedding district and the south-western Steglitz neighbourhood with the western city centre around the Zoological Garden station »»

Rugby in Berlin

April 10th, 2014

Rugby in BerlinAs a preparation for the European championship the German U18 national team rugby met Berlin-based Rugby Klub 03 from Weissensee district to have a test match. Here are a couple of in-game impressions »»

Photo Series featuring Berlin’s Metro

March 19th, 2014

Photo Series featuring Berlin’s MetroTogether with my photographer friend Torsten Goltz I developed the idea the portrait Berlin’s underground lines and its architecture. Personally I tightened that project by the requirement to shot at a focal length of 24mm and at aperture f/1.4 only plus admitting only the time between two trains to capture something of photographical value. Here you find the single photo reports »»

Living at the Landing Strip – The Tuvalu Atoll

February 13th, 2014

Living at the Landing Strip – The Tuvalu AtollHaving a look at its actual landmass, Tuvalu is the second smallest nation in the world. Some of its islands are so tiny and narrow that you can literally spit from one side to another. The heart of Tuvalu is the Funafuti atoll being embraced in the east by the main island Fongafale. Airplanes can land there, on the highest spot of the nation, which is 5 metres above sea level. Along that airstrip the life of Funafuti atoll takes place and even if islands are generally pretty limited, Tuvalu gave me the most important moment of authentic Polynesian culture along with a dinner with the Prime Minister »»

Tonga – Where Time begins

February 7th, 2014

Tonga – Where Time beginsWhat does the Island Kingdom of Tonga have in common with a high voltage cable? Correct, both things are pretty much isolated. The 136 islands of Tonga are the only Polynesian nation that never got colonialized by the west. The archipelago being called “The Friendly Islands” lies at the 10.8km deep Tonga trench, a fault where the Pacific plates submerges the Australian, which is at the same time also the International Date Line; a place where you can meet the new year as being one of the very few first people on the planet. Since the white man hadn’t his finger in the Tongan pie many unique Polynesian cultural assets like f.e. the Ha’amonga Trilithon could survive. With pleasure locals take the “palangi” by the hand and show him the island’s highlights, such as the Blow Holes, Flying Foxes or the magic Anahulu Cave, a limestone cave having a pristine fresh water pool inviting to have a swim »»

U3 – The University Metro

December 11th, 2013

U3 – The University MetroBerlin’s underground line 3 runs through the city’s southwest, between Nollendorfplatz station and its terminus Krumme Lanke. It connects the campuses of the Berlin university ‘Freie Universität’ with the western city centre. Its present course is 12.1 kilometres long and exists since 2004. In particular the stations being located on Wilmersdorf territory were given quite an aesthetic appearance to remain as icon for the former wealth of this neighbourhood »»

Kreuzberg’s Main Artery – Berlin’s U1 line

November 25th, 2013

Kreuzberg’s Main Artery – Berlin’s U1 lineBerlin’s U1 line runs east-west, from Warschauer Straße to Uhlandstraße, from Friedrichshain district to Charlottenburg. More than the half of its course U1 rides everything but U (that is underground) and the majority of its route leads through Kreuzberg district. That neighbourhood gets shaped by U1’s elevated railway trail to such an extent, that the interaction between train and district even inspired a musical to become written. Behind Potsdamer Platz daylight travelling is over and the metro disappears to accomplish its 8.8 km long ride towards its terminus in the City West »»

Oberbaum – Where all Cardinal Directions meet

October 24th, 2013

Oberbaum – Where all Cardinal Directions meetBerlin-based bridge Oberbaumbrücke is a symbol for many things: Where nowadays cars, metros and tourists cross Spree River from north to south, was once the border between the East and the West. The former border strip was guided by the course of the river; a route, that today is famous for pleasure boat trips. The towers of Oberbaumbrücke are not only identity-establishing for the directly neighbouring club Watergate, but stand first and foremost for the vicinity of Berlin and Brandenburg. Also in my life Oberbaumbrücke played an important role, as it was my first contact with the West after the Berlin Wall fell down »»

Berlin’s U4 – On a literal Short Run

October 7th, 2013

Berlin’s U4 – On a literal Short RunWhen in the year 2019 the U55 merges in the U5, then U4 officially will be Berlin’s shortest underground again. Its course starts at Nollendorfplatz square, ends at Innsbrucker Platz square and measures solely 2.9 kilometres leading through Berlin’s Schöneberg district. It was the once autonomous town of Schöneberg that launched U4 as Germany’s first communal subway and even today, in a reunified Berlin, it is hard to imagine things without this metro line as it connects the western city centre with the S-Bahn ring »»

From Pankow to Ruhleben – The U2 line

July 15th, 2013

From Pankow to Ruhleben – The U2 lineBerlin’s underground line U2 heads straight through the entire city, from Pankow to Ruhleben, making stops at the current eastern as well as city centres, that is Alexanderplatz and Zoologischer Garten, but also passing by the actual historic but also new city centres, that is Klosterstraße and Potsdamer Platz. Today this orange-red metro line is one of Berlin’s most trafficked one. It shapes the cityscape of my neighbourhoor, the Prenzlauer Berg district, which inspired me to do the almost 21 kilometres long ride leading through 29 stations and take a photo of every nameboard using stringently 24mm focal length as well as aperture 1.4 only »»