More eternal than Rome – Damascus

April 8th, 2007

More eternal than Rome – DamascusDimashq, 3:00a.m., when arriving at the international airport of Damas, how Syrians lovingly call Damascus, I didn’t know that Syria’s capital will evolve to be the highlight of my Orient journey. »»

Faith moves Mountains

Faith moves MountainsFaith, believe and religion are most perceptible in Damascus. Western Europeans will surely immediately spot all the covered women, who are sometimes even completely shrouded in their burqas. In Damas you can meet the coexistence of about 30 different religions. Its adherents are peacefully living together. »»

Krak des Chevaliers

Krak des ChevaliersEven on a Friday, the muslim Sunday and actual important day of rest, not everything stands completely still. If you’re lucky then you can even make it from Damascus to Krak des Chevaliers, a massive Crusader castle and one of Syria’s most impressive attractions »»

Hama – Spinning the wheel

Hama – Spinning the wheelThe town Hama is just 80km north of Homs is famous for its ancient wooden water wheels, which once served as a way to pump water to the surrounding fields »»