Sunda, die Straße am Feuerberg

Sunda, die Straße am FeuerbergWenn das normalerweise vom Erdmantel verhüllte Magma zu Tage tritt und in direkten Kontakt mit Wasser kommt, dann spricht der Experte lediglich leicht unterkühlt von einer phreatomagmatischen Eruption, die uns bekannte Welt hingegen wird mit einer Explosivkraft konfrontiert, die mehrere hundert Hiroshima-Bomben stark sein kann. Im Jahre 1883 ereignete sich ein derartiger Vulkanausbruch epischen Ausmaßes. Über 20km3 Gestein und Asche wurden in bis zu 25km die Höhe katapultiert und ein bis zu 40 Meter hohen Tsunami fegte die Dörfer auf den umliegenden Inseln von der Landkarte. Ort dieser Katastrophe war das indonesische Archipel, genauer gesagt die Sunda-Straße zwischen Sumatra und Java, wo heute bereits der Nachfahre des einst explodierten Feuerbergs in den Startlöchern steht und regelmäßig neue Ausbrüche in den Himmel schickt: Der Anak Krakatau, an den das Leben nach und nach zurückkehrt, vor allem unter Wasser »»

Tourist Battle at the Tengger Caldera

Tourist Battle at the Tengger CalderaThe Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park is one of Indonesia’s major sights and destination of not a few busses. You can literally start your travel to the Bromo from every of the country’s bigger cities. Writing that, the main reason why the Tengger caldera isn’t an unhurried place already got spoken out. It is really hard to escape from the touristic bustle and at the latest the plastic bag flooded crater bowl of the Bromo will put you off… The most frequented spot is at the same time the highest peak around: Gunung Penanjakan. From there every morning about 200-300 tourists try to watch the magic colourful sunrise. However, doing so can also lead into quite ugly situations… »»

The yellow Hell of the Ijen and the Soldiers of Sulphur

The yellow Hell of the Ijen and the Soldiers of SulphurFor many people coming to terms with a globalized everyday life became quite an essential daily task. In the East of the Indonesian island of Java, at the Ijen volcano (Kawah Ijen) to be more precise, courageous men are ruining their health day by day. To make their living, everyone literally transforms into a hell of a guy, when wresting sulphur, the yellow gold, from the fumaroles in a height of 2400 meters. And also for me visiting the Kawah Ijen and its acid lake should mean a test of mettle »»

From Starting in Ende to Ending in Jakarta – Travelling the Sunda Islands

From Starting in Ende to Ending in Jakarta – Travelling the Sunda IslandsThe town of Ende sounds like the final of a trip, but can also be quite a good start for travelling the Indonesian Sunda Islands eastwards, all the way to Jakarta. On the way to Indonesia’s capital you’ll surely experience plenty of possibilities to get in touch with the most diverse people plus look behind the scenes of illustrious names like Bali or Komodo. Indonesia, that also stands for volcanoes, earth quakes and tsunamis. At first glance that doesn’t sound all too well, but who knows, maybe the creative hand of volcanoes’ was active again when giving birth to unique things of culture like artful batik, huge religious temples or filigree old Indonesian shadow puppetry »»

The Crater Lakes of Mount Kelimutu

The Crater Lakes of Mount KelimutuThe multi-coloured crater lakes of the Kelimutu volcano are truly the biggest touristic highlights the Indonesian island of Flores has on offer. To get there, needs some talent for spontaneity, especially in low season. It doesn’t matter where you start your travel, if in Ende, Maumere or Moni, travellers are most welcome; helping them is a matter of importance for the locals »»