Never ever bmi – A flight cancellation and its outcome

People travelling a lot are always able to tell a story, also when it comes to the actual transportation process. It comes as no surprise that many airlines are treating their customers like paying cattle and the service aboard is a very good indicator how airlines are seeing its passengers. However things can become even more insolent than a sticky sandwich unkindly thrown on your tray table. For example in February 2011 the airline British Midland International (bmi) gave proof how they are appreciating the people paying their salaries »»

Tavurvur in Black and White

Tavurvur in Black and WhiteThe huge cloud packages carried by the south-east trade winds over Papua New Guinea are regulars in the sky spanning the world’s third largest insular state. Unbelievably impressive and beautiful light moods emerge when the sun and clouds are dancing together while letting in particular the small strato volcano Tavurvur, being located inside the Rabaul caldera, appear very photogenic; even that photogenic that it is worth to experiment with a black & white conversion of some already known images »»