Gimme Five! – Half a decade of SQ Club in Poznan

Gimme Five! – Half a decade of SQ Club in PoznanAlong the lines of Fight for your Right to party! Poznan-based SQ Club celebrated its fifth year of existence. People still remember last year, when British DJ legend John Digweed was delighting the Polish crowd to the max. Following in those footsteps, SQ booked already booked other heavyweights to play the birthday year, for example Hernan Cattaneo, M.A.N.D.Y. or Barbara Tucker. To enjoy some pure pre-Christmas rave together, the SQ boys committed a duo that’s already rocked the Audioriver 2010 terribly and showed how quickly and efficiently they’re able to set the roof on fire: Simian Mobile Disco »»

xflo:w annual photo calendar 2011

xflo:w annual photo calendar 2011Time is flying and again Santa Claus and the New Year’s Eve bash are already in sight. Thus far at the end of a year I released a photo calendar exclusively produced for Berlin-based business consulting company economind. That is still the case but from now I am additionally producing my own annual photo calendar having the same high quality »»

Lost in Berlin’s BerMuDa triangle

Lost in Berlin’s BerMuDa triangleWhen hearing a Berliner speaking of BerMuDa then against all things called geography knowledge the speech is still about the Spree River-based techno Eldorado and not about the archipelago close to North America. In wet and cold November palms are not swaying in the wind, hence climatically seen perfect conditions to have a big indoor bash in Tempelhof’s old airplane hangars. On the occasion of the Berlin Music Days the former airport and one of Europe’s largest buildings was chosen to be the stage of Fly BerMuDa, a big room techno festival featuring a multiplicity of internationally known electronic music acts »»

70th Forum Pariser Platz

70th Forum Pariser PlatzPhotos of 70th Forum Pariser Platz (Phoenix TV), a political discussion between Germany’s Federal Minister of Interior Thomas de Maizière and others, moderated by Christoph Minhoff »»

Audioriver weekender 2010 – When all dikes are breaching…

Audioriver weekender 2010 – When all dikes are breaching…Whether in terms of high water or emotions, thus far 2010 was a literally overflowing year for the Polish people. Fortunately the big flood has gone, the dikes framing Vistula River aren’t huffing and puffing anymore and also the beavers can breathe a sigh of relief, as this time they surely can’t be blamed for the waves (of visitors) flooding the area around Płock. Fifth edition of Audioriver Festival saw two novelties: on the one hand, Miami’s WMC is saying Hello, a convention for music industry got involved, while on the other hand with Richie Hawtin and Hybrid two protagonists already performing in the previous years could have been won to play a second time. Active support came from top notch artists like Laurent Garnier, Way Out West, The Deep Modern Left Quartet or DJs like Karotte, Christian Smith and many others. »»

On top of Africa – The Ethiopian Highlands

On top of Africa – The Ethiopian HighlandsThe Abyssinian highlands are the final stop for the cloudy water mass that finally feeds the source of the legendary Blue Nile. Its most dramatic region is the area around the Simien Mountains, whose volcanic origin is letting plants thrive and prosper that well that even baboons convert to vegetarianism. At every step done the scent of wild Thyme wafts up your nose and from time to time several thorns fondly hook into your upper arm. Hiking on an altitude of 4000m, you will quickly find yourself at eye level together with the colossal Lammergeier or majestic eagles and maybe there is even a chance to have a glance at the unique and very rare Ethiopian wolf »»

Gondar – Little Ethiopia

Gondar – Little EthiopiaWhen wandering through the streets of Gondar then you don’t only meet the royal palace. In many aspects and situations you will inevitably become an eye witness of a unique history and its achievements clashing with today’s African society. You’ll experience Ethiopia in small »»

Hewn into the bare Rocks – The Churches of Lalibela

Hewn into the bare Rocks – The Churches of LalibelaMillions of years ago the Ethiopian highlands got unfolded by volcanic activity. There, at an altitude of 2500m, the village of Lalibela is located. It is home to unique churches that are originating from the idea to build a second Jerusalem and became hewn into the bare red hard basalt lava rock. On important religious holidays, like for example Easter, the town develops a very interesting atmosphere of spirituality and touristic internationality »»