Sulphur Mine and Acid Lake – Indonesia sits on a Volcano

Sulphur Mine and Acid Lake – Indonesia sits on a VolcanoThere are only a few places on our planet, where our civilized world is colliding with the earth’s forces. Indonesia undoubtedly belongs to those places, as nowhere else in the world human life is daring to sit on a volcano the crowded way. An offshoot of the Pacific Ring of Fire is transporting the seismic heartbeat literally like an artery to the doorsteps of Java, Sumatra & Co. Catastrophes with an apocalyptic dimension happened there: the explosion of lake Toba, of the volcanos Tambora and Krakatoa, as well as the seaquake and the dramatic Tsunami on December 26th 2004 »»

Combating the Crisis = End of Solidarity?

Combating the Crisis = End of Solidarity?Photos of 62th Forum Pariser Platz (Phoenix TV), a political discussion between Germany’s Federal Minister of the Interior Wolfgang Schäuble, Oskar Lafontaine, Bischof Wolfgang Huber amongst others, moderated by Christoph Minhoff »»

Captivated by the Seven Sisters – Moscow

Captivated by the Seven Sisters – MoscowThe Russian capital is a metropolis second to none. Metros departing every 90 seconds, sky scraping Stalin buildings, marble ornamented train stations and multi-lane roads rather worth to called highway than street. Moscow is always a visit worth and for us photographers an ultimate question will be answered: Size doesn’t matter; it’s all about the diameter »»