economind annual calendar 2010

Again yet another year is drawing to a close. Traditionally that’s the time when the retail industry stops moaning and all things experienced get drowned in hot wine punch. As every year since 2005 it is also the time my new annual photo calendar, presented by Berlin-based business consulting company economind sees the light of day »»

Marianne’s and Peter’s big day

Marianne’s and Peter’s big dayBecoming married on Berlin’s lifeline Spree river and on a boat is truly something special. Marianne and Peter tied the marital knot in September and even the usually suboptimal weather made a break and showed its most beautiful late summerly face like appointed the day before. »»

Border Community at Berlin’s WMF

Border Community at Berlin’s WMFJames Holden and his label Border Community need no introduction anymore. By now both are representing two very own standards which are unique in the world of electronic music, as over the years both were developing their styles further without paying too much attention to fugacious trends or societal pressure. To add some spice to his gig at Berlin’s WMF club, James put long-term companion Nathan Fake in charge to make our ears buzzing »»

John Digweed digging in the weeds of Poznan

John Digweed digging in the weeds of PoznanSpeaking about Polish nightlife, then at the moment Poznan-based SQ club is definitely one of Poland’s hottest addresses. For about 4 years now the higher DJ nobilities are streaming in and out of Poznan’s clubbing resource and to celebrate its fourth year of existence quite a music delicacy had been obliged to play: John Digweed. Actively supported by SQ resident Hagal and Warsaw-based Peres, the Brit splashed out a four-hour killer set. »»

Strictly net – Berlin’s Netaudio Festival 2009

Strictly net – Berlin’s Netaudio Festival 2009Producers, products, charts and consumers, this is a world the Netaudio movement doesn’t want to subject themselves to. Trust and attention are the keywords on their banner. Also they want to bring dignity back into the music business by eliminating the financial aspect as the roots of engagement. Driven by that philosophy and from a 150 candidates an cutting-edge festival of worldwide attention emerged. And no other underground club could have been a better venue than Berlin’s Maria am Ufer »»

Asia wrapped in Glass and Steel – Hong Kong

Asia wrapped in Glass and Steel – Hong KongEven after having returned to the People’s Republic of China, former British crown colony Hong Kong still remains to be one of Asia’s most important centres; and not only in financial terms. Independent from sailing under the free-market or communist flag Hong Kong experienced a quite apparent boom which can’t be ignored when strolling along the seaside promenade along Victoria Harbour. Despite being surrounded by turbo capitalism flexing its glass & steel muscles, many things that kept its Asian authenticity can be spotted among the flickering lights of an ocean of illuminated advertisings. First and foremost this authenticity is emerging from all things called freshness, steam and seafood, in short: Hong Kong’s amazing Cantonese cuisine »»

Eco-Clubbing with Climate Effects

Eco-Clubbing with Climate EffectsIf there’s yet another farmer-fondled French goose passing the counter somewhere near Berlin’s Kollwitzplatz and ending up in a New-Berliner’s shopping cart right next to widely travelled garlic from China and morning tea picked at full moon, then it is surely one of the more extreme appearances of eco-delusions, or better to say organic food delusions. Recently held Energy Union night at Berlin’s WMF club however attested that the very same impulse is even able to raise much more sensitive topics, while connecting serious issues, unusual locations and top acts like Coldcut live, Monolake live and the djing Modeselektor boys »»

Late Summer at Bosporus

Late Summer at BosporusBeside spring also late summer is one of the most attractive travel seasons to have a closer look at the Bosporus pearl, as the climatic mix of sun, clouds and fresh breezes coming from the Mediterranian sea is a perfect background to soak up Istanbul’s attitude towards life at daytime as well as at night like a sponge »»

Audioriver Festival 2009 – From Lake Kalksee to Vistula river

Audioriver Festival 2009 – From Lake Kalksee to Vistula riverBeside already known constants like Plock’s homey Old Town, beautiful Vistula river and the great Polish crowd, the fourth festival edition also had some innovations such as the new day programme on offer. Audioriver’s wisely chosen line-up consolidated its position among Europe’s festival heavyweights, as once again masters of timeless electronic music had been committed to play the open-air party being held some 100km north-western of Warsaw, starting with Richie Hawtin and Ulrich Schnauss, to Gui Boratto and James Holden. Even the Moderat boys didn’t miss their chance to bang their rusty (tent) nails into Polish ground for the first time and to be part of a musical midsummer night’s dream in picturesque Plock »»