Discussion of the Day: Integration

Photos of 56th Forum Pariser Platz (Phoenix TV), a political discussion between Germany’s Federal Minister of the Interior Wolfgang Schäuble, Cem Özdemir amongst others, moderated by Christoph Minhoff.

The German TV news channel Phoenix invited to the 56th edition of its Forum Pariser Platz discussions, which are always taking place in the rotunda of Dresdner Bank at Berlin’s Pariser Platz square. The guests of moderator Christoph Minhoff were:

  • Wolfgang Schäube / Germany’s current Federal Minister of the Interior (CDU)
  • Cem Özdemir / Member of the European Parliament
  • Nihat Sorgec / Member of  the German Muslim Board and CEO of Berlin Kreuzberg’s education center
  • Prof. Arnulf Baring / Right-wing historian
  • Ulrich Reitz / Editor in Chief of Westdeutsche Allgemeinen Zeitung

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